Daycare info

Dog Daycare


Daycare hours are:

Monday-Friday 6:30am to 7:00pm
Saturday CLOSED (Day-boarding option available upon request*)
Sunday CLOSED (Boarding pick up by appointment only*)

*additional charges may apply

Daycare Options

Half day (6 hours or less) $10.00
Full day (more than 6 hours) $18.00
     Multi-pet family discount $10 for second dog


Daycare FAQs

What is the daycare like?
The daycare has rubber flooring which makes it easy to keep clean and disinfect for the health of your fur babies. We have several blankets that we put in daycare with a few beds as well. Inside there are toys for the dogs to play with and we have an outside play area that has a 6 foot wooden privacy fence. In warmer weather we get the pools out and have lots of water time. Outdoor toys are also available year-round. All dogs are accompanied inside and out at all times.  What better place to take your fur babies for a safe, healthy and fun environment!

Do you offer any training?
We also teach the dogs some key words such as sit, leave it and wait. We are also happy to help with potty training your puppy! In the months to come we hope to be able to offer puppy and adult dog training classes. Stay tuned for more information!

Can my dog be groomed while here for daycare?
Grooming is available by appointment. Our certified dog groomers are Cindy Shock and Deb Combs who have both been working with us at Spring Meadow for over 10 years and are happy to also provide services here for your four-legged friends! If your dog is in daycare or boarding and a grooming appointment is requested, they will be scheduled and ready for you at pick up time.

Will my dog be fed during daycare?

Yes, we will do breakfast, lunch and/or dinner if you would like. If you prefer to feed your pet at home We do recommend that you bring your pet a snack for the day. If we are to feed your dog, please make sure you bring enough food (wet and/or dry) for your dog’s stay. If we need to provide food for your dog there will be a $5 per day charge for ANY provided food. We recommend that you bring your own food as it helps to prevent your dog from getting an upset stomach or diarrhea.

Do you have different play areas for the dogs?

At this time we currently have two play area for the dogs. Each dog is evaluated prior to being introduced to the group. We will be moving to a larger facility with the ability to have more separate play groups in the near future! Stay tuned for updates as they come!

For more information please call (419)496-0886

We love caring for your four-legged family! Why not have us take care of them in our dog daycare while you're away! We also offer dog boarding and service not only the Ashland area but Mansfield and Wooster too!  Contact us today to see if our dog day care is right for your doggy!


Daycare Clubs

Sit Club


 10 full day visits at $17 per day = $170.00

(Save $10.00)

 Free nail trim during visit.

Down Club


  20 full day visits at $15.5 per day= $310.00

(Save $40.00)

 Free nail trim and bath during package use.

Stay Club


 30 full day visits at $14 per day =$420.00

(Save $90.00)

 Free nail trim & bath

 One free night of boarding